Hawaii Honolulu Sushi Kinchansushi

A la Carte Sushi (2 pieces)
Egg Smelt-roe
Flying Fish-roe Hokki Kai
Prawn / Shrimp Squid
Fresh Salmon
Japanese River Eel
Salmon roe Mackerel Red snapper
Ahi/Tuna Kohada Yellow tail Flounder
Horse Mackerel Sweet Shrimp
Sea Water Eel
Sea Urchin Oily Part of Tuna
King Clam Abalone
Fatty Tuna Please ask Kinchan Omakase Course.
**Minimum Sushi Order one per person**
金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし
Roll Sushi
Cucumber Maki
Oshinko Maki
Kanpyo Maki
Nato Maki
Tekka Maki
Salmon Skin Maki
California Roll
Negitoro Roll
California Roll Spicy Tuna Maki Shrimp Asparagus Maki
Futo Maki Dragon Roll Rainbow Roll Mackerel Bousushi
Horse Mackerel Bousushi Sea Water Eel Bousushi Hand Roll available per upon request.
金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし
Combination Sushi & Sashimi
Kinchan special (Sashimi・Sushi・Roll Sushi・Salad and Miso-soup)
Combination Sushi
Sushi  A Sushi  B Sushi  C 金ちゃんすし
Combination Sashimi
金ちゃんすし Sashimi A
Sashimi B
Sashimi C
Chirashi Sushi
Chirashi sushi 金ちゃんすし
Chirashi sushi Tokujo 金ちゃんすし
Mountain Yam Over Maguro Cold Tofu Sunomono Fermented Soybean
with Maguro
Sea food salad May Peace last forever Salad Ika Shiokara Tsukemono
Sui Gyouza Annkimo
Soy beans
Kinchan entrusts Special course
金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし
金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし 金ちゃんすし
金ちゃんすし A recommendation specialty of today(The contents change by a day. )
・Today's special Appetizer & Desserts
・There is a broiled fish, too.
Applicable state tax will be added to the above price
Gratuity not included.

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